Rolling Knee Rollator

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Rolling Knee Rollator


  • Aluminum frame
  • Steerable front wheels
  • Foam knee pad
  • Dual hand brakes for added safety
  • Can be easily folded for storage and transport

The Rolling is a knee rollator for people who cannot support one of their legs.

It is used like a scooter, supporting the injured leg on the padded part and propelling with the healthy leg. It can also be used seated, placing the injured leg in front. It is ideal for those recovering from surgery, fractures, sprains or foot ulcers. Its use does not require much effort and, in addition, it reduces the risk of falls.

Technical Information

PVC wheels with 203 mm Dimensions: 43 cm wide x 79 cm deep Seat dimensions: 17x 36 cm. Adjustable seat height: 48-58 cm Adjustable handlebar height: 89 to 110 cm Item Weight: 9.8kg Maximum weight: 136 Kg Weight 8kg Color Rollator Blue, Silver


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